Fire in the Mountain 1st - 6th June 2022
Camps in April and August 2022.

Fire in the Mountain Festival: Campsites open at noon on 1st June and close noon on Monday 6th June. Music starts 7pm 2nd June 2022
Campfire in the Mountain and Family Camp in August 2022. Crafts Camp in April 2022


The Forum

The place for discussion, talks and activities. Past topics and speakers have been on/by Permaculture, Yoga, Extinction Rebellion, Bruce Parry, Community Energy, and many more. 2020 programme coming soon

Family Area

As well as the vast natural playground of woodland, hills and streams, we have a varied programme of interactive activities and entertainment for all ages. We are based in the colourful marquees opposite the Travelling Barn stage. The larger Willow Marquee will have a dedicated Cafe for Kids as well as a space for crafts and activities. We are open 7.30am-7.30pm.

The smaller Bluebell Marquee is a comfortable feeding, snoozing, reading, sensory and play area for babes and toddlers where spare eco-nappies/wipes are on hand at the changing cart and we’ll provide basic bathing facilities each evening. Please be aware, all our waste and recycling is sorted by hand on site, so please dispose of all dirty nappies in the dedicated nappy bin next to the Bluebell marquee. We encourage you to consider using biodegradable nappies and wipes wherever possible.

Music Worksops

We run free music and dance workshops in The Travelling Barn and Mountain Folk School Tent.

Confirmed for 2020 so far: Old Time Fiddle [TENT]
Flatfoot Dancing [Travelling Barn 11am everyday]
Clawhammer Banjo
Choir in the Mountain with Dolly May [Travellng Barn 12-1pm Every Day]

Practical Crafts

In the Woodland Yurt in the Dingly Dell

2020 Programme Coming Soon! Previous sessions have included; Willow Weaving, Spoon carving, Fish skin tanning, Forge/blacksmithing, Pole lathe, Leatherwork, Cob muralling, Foraging/herbalism, Animal figure carving, Oak ink making and spindle yarn.

Healing Area

Set amongst the beautiful Oak Trees next to the mellow stream, relax and be pampered! Full programme coming soon!

The Bardic Fire

Down in the valley, across the stream by the Dingley Dell, on each night of the festival from sunset till dawn, the Bardic fire burns bright. A sacred fire, lit with a poetic ritual, it is a space to come and share your words: Your poems, stories and songs, all offerings are welcome at the fire. Each year we invite some of the finest Bards, Storytellers, Poets and Musicians to join us, to help hold this magical space, where if you come to listen, you can be sure to take away with you a warmth of heart and mind as you walk away into the night.
But should you have some of your words to share, then you can be sure, that you are adding your voice to those of our ancestors, who have sat sharing beauty around fires such as this since... well, forever! And you should know that every voice that joins us at the Bardic Fire, makes the magic stronger!
We look forwards to seeing your smiles in the firelight…

Ale and Cider Festival

In 2020 we are running a Cider and Ale Festival stocking the finest ales and cider from across Wales and the Borders.
Pick up your ale card from the Main Bar and start ticking them off the list!

Mws Pws Brewery
Mantle Brewery
Wye Valley
Cwrw Cader
Waen Team Toxic
Welsh Mountain Cider

ALL our Spirits are BESPOKE distilled for us from Da Mhile

Remember to stop by The Crafty Mare, a Gin Bar hosted by the wonderful team who own and run our Local Pub Y Ffarmers


We aim to source as much as possible locally, not in Brexity nationalistic mindset, but rather in a supporting the local economy, supporting small-scale producers and family run businesses, lowering food-miles, ethical, being anti-corporate and anti-industrial and intensive food farming, showing people wonderful produce they might not have tried, reducing food packaging and plastic waste kind of way.

Meat and Veganism
All our meat comes from Rob Rattray in Aberystwyth, sourced from local producers. We are NOT going vegan as a festival, although there will be loads of plant based choices this year. Our event is in a massive farming area known for lamb(!) and not for chickpea farms! Until the whole country diversifies away from meat, we will continue to support local farmers. Likewise, all our Milk is organic and comes in reusable glass bottles from Daioni Dairy nearby. Yum.

Food Traders
Central Kitchen, The BBQ Shack, The Rustic Cooks do Indian Food, Ah Ma Dim Sum, Pizza from our NEW ovens, Bean there Drunk That Coffee, Shepherds Ice Cream, Nature’s Devine Delights (Aberystwyth), Renegade Kitchen (Falafel from Machynlleth), Medina (Aberystwyth), Cowley’s Fine Foods + Workshops, Master Chai, Luff’s Cafe (Llanilar).