Fire in the Mountain 1st - 5th June 2023
Camps in April and August 2022.

Fire in the Mountain Festival: Campsites open at noon on 1st June and close noon on Monday 6th June. Music starts 7pm 2nd June 2022
Campfire in the Mountain and Family Camp in August 2022. Crafts Camp in April 2022


Family Camp in the Mountain 2022

Monday 22nd August - Saturday 27th

Booking for Family Camp 2022 is now open. Click This Link.

Message from Clemmie and Ros, hosts of Family Camp!

Dear Family Campers.

Its is not long before we all meet at the farm!

We are basing much of the activities of Family Camp on the Gift Economy of Fun. Which simply put - means you bring what you'd like to find at the camp and share it with others.

We are organising a light programme of delights which include Forest School sessions, an evening dance and a lush bar full of local delights but the rest, if you so wish - will be down to you - to bring and participate in. OR indeed if you want to kick back and spend each day on the gorgeous welsh beaches please do - just bring us back a lolly!

We will provide the spaces - there are many outdoors and some undercover and most sessions are 1-2hrs. Whether you would like to suggest a walk in the hills, making a show, a funky yoga session, a kids sing along, making a sculpture, or a giant game of Sardines - we are not fussy and nor are the folk who come.

From last year we can tell you - anything goes!

The more we give the more we receive ( even if that is a lot of washing up liquid in your mouth as you woooooosh down the slip and slide!!)

Our only request is to think about the nature, this land is very dear to us so where possible bring craft activities that won't pollute.

Morning Session runs - 10 - 12

Afternoon Session 2-4

Early Evening 5-6

Dinner 6:30 - 8:30.

Sharing of activities can be done either by pre-filling out this FORM - or once on site on the BIG WHITE BOARD. ALL/BOTH will be shared at the Morning Gatherings EVERY morning.

Every morning a Morning Gathering at 9am by the Dragon. We encourage everyone on camp to come along, But if you are enjoying a much needed lie in, or were counting star till late - dont you worry we are not counting. This is an opportunity to share what is on that day and for people to briefly describe to the rest of the camp what their session involves. It is also a moment for the Camp Family to relay back any Village News ( house keeping ) for that day... Its alway fun and a great way to begin the day.

We really can't wait to be in the Mountain with you!

About the Camps

The Camp - The Basics

We can't wait to welcome you to our glorious farm in Wales! It's been a long tough time stuck at home, and now the Mountains await!

Join us on the Fire in the Mountain Festival site for a fun packed week. Plans are still being hatched, but here is what to expect:
Spanking hot showers from Posh Wash in the Camping Field + Wood fired showers in the valley
Forest School Sessions, Workshops and Games
Hot Tub and Sauna (yuck, maybe, need people to clean it twice a day...
Pizza Night!
Barn Bar with selection of Local Ales, cider and all the other good stuff
Paddling and Dam Making in the Stream
Yummy Food from the Camp Kitchen
Family Activity Marquee plus lots of smaller workshop tents
Marshmallows and Music around the Dragon Fire

There will be tents around to provide dry space and places for activities

We are sure many of you found amazing ideas and new skills during lockdown and we ask that you bring and share. This is a camp about community and creating what you want it to be. Our wonderful campers last year arrived with crafts, music sessions, songs, nature walks, dance etc. and the land gave us the rest, playing in the river, exploring with friends and the warmth of connection.

Every evening we will all convene in a central marquee for an early evening folk dance. The evening dance is included in the ticket price. Everyone can enjoy being on the farm, or use the camp as a springboard to explore the local area with it's fantastic beaches, horse riding, mountain walks etc. A list of local attractions is CLICK HERE!

(and parents….shh....the bar will be open


We will have wonderful caterers on site providing an evening meal to purchase. The pizza oven will also be fired up one evening.


As with a campsite there a charge per night

£12 per adult and £7 per child per night. We also charge £1 per night for babes in arms just to hellp cover the cost of disposing of nappies etc.
If you book for whole week you will receive a 5% discount

AND if you live in Ceredigion you will receive an additional 5% discount on your booking. You must contact us in advance of buying your tickets though so we can verify your address and issue a code. Unfortunately we cannot apply the county discount after yopu have purchased tickets. Contact to enquire about the Ceredigion county discount

Do contact us on with any questions

If you have enough space in your pitch, you may park your car/camper inside the pitch. We only recommend this at the top of the field only, and not by the river. Please be mindful it may be difficult to get out if you want to leave the site, so general parking will be available at the entrance end of the field. Once the camp has started we can't allow vehicle movement around the field. If you want to go on day trips, please leave the motor in the car park.

Dogs are welcome with the usual rules : pick up the poo EVERY time. Dogs must be attached to a human or a stake in the ground at all times.

We can't wait to welcome you to our glorious Farm

Information for Locals

Fire in the Mountain supports the local economy wherever possible with our local procurement policy and with tourism income

Employment: We have 4 paid roles for these events and we offer these to the local community first and foremost. The roles are Site Set Up, Office support, bar work and Food Preparation Work. Please contact the festival on if interested.

Internship:We have one space for a local school leaver for an internship with us. Fire in the Mountain is connected to the events industry nationwide, and we would like to support one candidate to gain experience in this sector. We support with experience, contacts in the industry, advice and in writing a CV. Please contact the festival on if interested.

Subsididsed Tickets: In acknowledgement of income equality nationwide, we would like to extend a Discount to these events to those who live within Ceredigion. Please write to in first place so we can verify your address and issue you with a code BEFORE you book tickets. Unfortunately this discount cannot be applied after you have purchased tickets


Covid Precautions

If we need to take any by then, we will - hopefully not.