1st - 3rd June 2018

Campsite open to public noon Thursday 31st May until noon Monday 4th June 2018
Box office open between 9:00am & midnight


FIRE IN THE MOUNTAIN / TAN YN Y MYNYDD 1st - 3rd June 2018 .


Tickets for this year's festival have now sold out.

Mae tocynnau wedi gwerthu allan

Our ticket seller has organised a returns list for tickets. Please join the waiting list by clicking the link below



If you can no longer attend or have tickets to return, please email INFO@THETICKETSELLERS.CO.UK, with the subject line "Fire in the Mountain REFUND".

Our festival is held on a very small farm. Due to space limitations, we can not sell or allocate any more camper van or caravan passes - there simply is not any physical space left in this dimension.

General Enquiry email address: info@fireinthemountain.co.uk


We have absolutely no tickets left. We keep our festival small and lovely. If you don't have tickets, please respect the festival, the locals and the organisers by not making the jounrney here if you don't have tickets. You will be turned away. If you want there to be a festival next year, join the waiting list, or come next year and get your tickets early! This show always sells out, so please be quicker next time (tickets can always be resold if you then can't come).


Spaces are still available on the coach and you can still hire tents by clicking here

FIRE IN THE MOUNTAIN 1st - 3rd June 2018 .

Tickets have sold out. Thanks everyone who bought them, see you soon!

Croeso i Ŵyl Tân yn y Mynydd

Fe'i lleolir ar fferm hynafol rhwng gwreiddiau Mynyddoedd Cambrian godidog ac arfordir hardd bae Aberteifi, ar ddiwedd Ffordd y Mynydd o Aberystwyth i Rhaeadr Gwy.

We are located on an ancient farm between the foothills of the magnificent Cambrian Mountains and the beautiful coast of Cardigan bay, at the end of the Mountain Road from Aberystwyth to Rhayader.

Thank you everyone who applied to get involved. There are many amazing people on this planet.

Diolch i bawb a wnaeth gais i gymryd rhan. Mae yna lawer o bobl anhygoel ar y blaned hon.

We have enough volunteers now. Please apply for next year.

Mae gennym ddigon o wirfoddolwyr nawr. Gwnewch gais am y flwyddyn nesaf.

Shuttle Bus Times to and from Aberystwyth Station


Wednesday 30th May: 19.30, 21.30

Thursday 31st May: 15.30, 17.30, 19.30, 21,30

Friday 1st June: 13.30, 15.30, 17.30, 19.30, 21,30, 23.45

Saturday 2nd June: 13.30

Sunday 3rd June: 11.00, 17.00


Saturday 2nd June: 13.00, 15.00

Sunday 3rd: 9.00, 11.00, 13.00, 15.00, 17.00

Monday 4th June: 9.00, 11.00

SHUTTLE BUS = £2.50 per journey

Coach from London and Bristol

The coach will be leaving London Paddington (outside the Hilton Hotel) @ 10am on Thursday 31st May, with a stop off/ collection at Bristol en route to Wales at 1pm (depart 1.15pm), outside the Hippodrome Theatre.

The Coach leaves the festival site at 10am Monday 4th June, stopping in Bristol (around 2pm) and London (around 5pm).

Price: £40 return from London, £35 from Bristol. One way tickets available too. This is vastly subsidised by the festival! Click here to book the coach.

Let's Get The Coach

NEW FOR 2018! Travel Light with CampLight!

Affordable Quality Pre-Pitched Tents... arrive and it's all sorted...

That's right folks... this clever gang are solving the problem of festival wastage one tent at a time.. grab a tent, sleeping bag, ground mat all at once and arrive to your camp made for you...

Prices start at £42 for your double skin tent and sleeping matt.


Something can go here soon...

No Tickets Left!



ZERO WASTE: No one-use food or drink items - reusable plates, bowls, cutlery, pint glasses and coffee cups

NO PLASTIC We have invested in reusable enamel plates and bowls, metal cutlery and tin cups. All our food outlets will be using these. We are attempting to ban wasteful one use serveware. Please also bring your own cutlery bags - washing up stations will be available. You can purchase sets of cutlery from our festival shop, including our brand spanking new laser etched stainless steel 750ml water bottles! Water refill points will be available on site.

Recycling Disco: We ask everyone to partake in our "Recycling Disco". You Bring It, You Bin It... but whilst we do, we are entitled to be entertained by bands and DJs... We're not hiding WASTE behind the scenes.... Your ticket includes £5 deposit for 20mins in the Recycling Disco - refundable after your shift. You can be a hedonist and forgo your time in the Recycling Disco, and your deposit will then pay for others to tidy up.

Music For Everyone: We are a festival put on by musicians for musicians. Bring instruments. Our focus in 2017 is YOU and US playing music... We will have plenty of Jam Spaces.

TRANSPARENCY: Our accounts are published online. We don't do this festival to get rich to buy shiney things we don't need. We do this to help the farm and help each other - we support local businesses, small independent businesses, startups, artists, musicians and traders. We are registered Not-For-Profit - we can not be bought or sold to any hedge fund or venture capitalists.

SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL: As E.F. Schumacher teaches, we will not grow the event. Our measure is our well-being and not our "profit".

PLEASE GET THE COACH!!!!! We are subsidising it even more... Personal Vehicle Travel in the most polluting aspect of ANY event.

TRAVEL LIGHT: We are offering the opportunity to hire good quality tents and mats at a subsidised rate. These tents have been harvested from massive festivals cleaned and reused.

We are proud members of the Association of Independent Festivals and The Northern Festivals Network. We also believe it's time to Take A Stand!


Take A Stand: It‘s time to take a stand for Europe, and indeed for the whole world. To create a movement encouraging social cohesion in our society, promoting awareness and tolerance for all cultures, genders, races, religions, sexual orientations, colours and origins. To motivate people to participate in politics and social activities, speaking up for peaceful dialogue, humanism, tolerance and mutual understanding, to make the world a better place for every single individual and for all of us.