29th - 31st May 2020

Campsite open to public noon Thursday 28th May until noon Monday 1st June 2020
Box office open between 9:00am & midnight


FIRE IN THE MOUNTAIN 29th May - 31st May 2020 .

check out our new event - Campfire in the Mountain.

Digwyddiad Newydd! "Tân Gwersyll yn y Mynydd"

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Festival Volunteers - applications open in February.

Croeso i Ŵyl Tân yn y Mynydd

Fe'i lleolir ar fferm hynafol rhwng gwreiddiau Mynyddoedd Cambrian godidog ac arfordir hardd bae Aberteifi, ar ddiwedd Ffordd y Mynydd o Aberystwyth i Rhaeadr Gwy.

We are located on an ancient farm between the foothills of the magnificent Cambrian Mountains and the beautiful coast of Cardigan bay, at the end of the Mountain Road from Aberystwyth to Rhayader.

OUR AIMS FOR 2020 and beyond.....

DRASTICALLY REDUCE CO2 EMISSIONS FROM PERSONAL TRANSPORT CHOICES. It's been proven in many report that the highest cause of emissions of any live event is from personal transportation in cars and vans. What can we do about that? We are taking the following steps to aim to be car free in 5 years time...

Increase Parking Charges. We have increased Parking Charges in 2020. We had to anyway as what we were charging did not even cover the costs associated with parking all the cars that come. We will use ALL income from car parking to subsidise a coach (from London and Bristol) and shuttles from the local train station to meet any demand there is - the more coach tickets we sell, the more more coaches we book. It's up to you. We have to hire a field, pay marshalls, but down plastic "trackway" to stop skidding, book extra security and lights. It's a car shaped nightmare. Don't do it.

Car Share. At least car share. Please try BlaBlaCar or just Facebook.

Go Electric. Let us know in advance, we;ll charge your EV for Free.

Cycle It's a beautiful and flat cycle from Aberystwyth. But bags on shuttle and cycle. Details in "Travel" section.

Rent A Tent They are super cheap...

CARLESS FUTURE VISIONING If we organised regional bag drops from a network of vans to take your stuff to and from the festival, would you then be more likely to get the train or coach?

GO/CONTINUE TO BE PLASTIC FREE! We've banned all single use cutlery, cups, plates, glasses etc on site. All our traders and central kitchen use our enamel plates and bowls that are washed in our washing up station to be used again and again and again. Thank you to all our attendees in supporting this initiative, and to all the wonderful volunteers who totally owned "The Washing Up". We reduced our landfill by 90%.

ZERO WASTE: No one-use food or drink items - reusable plates, bowls, cutlery, pint glasses and coffee cups

Recycling Disco: We ask everyone to partake in our "Recycling Disco". You Bring It, You Bin It... but whilst we do, we are entitled to be entertained by bands and DJs... We're not hiding WASTE behind the scenes.... Your ticket includes £5 deposit for 20mins in the Recycling Disco - refundable after your shift. You can be a hedonist and forgo your time in the Recycling Disco, and your deposit will then pay for others to tidy up.

Music For Everyone: We are a festival put on by musicians for musicians. Bring instruments. Our focus in 2019 is YOU and US playing music... We will continue to create plenty of Jam Spaces. In 2019 the Travelling Barn will host sessions every night from midnight.

TRANSPARENCY: Our accounts are published online. We don't do this festival to get rich to buy shiney things we don't need. We do this to help the farm and help each other - we support local businesses, small independent businesses, startups, artists, musicians and traders. We are registered Not-For-Profit - we can not be bought or sold to any hedge fund or venture capitalists.

SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL: As E.F. Schumacher teaches, we will not grow the event. Our measure is our well-being and not our "profit".

We are proud members of the Association of Independent Festivals and The Northern Festivals Network. We also believe it's time to Take A Stand!


GENERAL ENQUIRY EMAIL ADDRESS info@fireinthemountain.co.uk